“Tom is a fantastic personal trainer who has an amazing knowledge of training the body in the most efficient but safe way. All of my sessions are well-structured and thought out so that I’m constantly working on new things which keeps me motivated and enjoying them. He’s got a great set up in the studio with lots of equipment so that you really do get a full body workout. More recently, I can really feel the effects of the workout which means it’s working! Highly recommend Tom and my husband has now started training with him twice a week as well.”
Francesca, Car Colston

“Tom is eternally positive and motivating in his approach to personal training. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs that bit of encouragement to get fit and trim. He listens to what your goals are and sets realistic targets that will stretch you out of your comfort zone, but not so far that you feel frightened to return for your next session! Tom is approachable, friendly and mature and has helped me and many others along our individual healthy lifestyle paths to improve our fitness level and achieve our weight loss goals.”
Lynn, Langar

“Tom definitely puts it all into his clients, each session is matched to push my ability. I have been training with Tom for over a year now and although it’s tough at times he always keeps me going! Also a big fan of the deep stretch we do!”
Kasia, Nottingham

“Would highly recommend Tom to anyone who’s looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing. He has improved my strength and technique greatly over the past few months.”
– James, Upper Saxondale

I’ve been working with Tom for eight weeks now following a period of injury involving back pain and hamstring issues. He has worked with me to improve my core and leg strength to enable me to get back to running on a regular basis which was my number one goal. Tom is very knowledgeable and has made getting back to exercise enjoyable.
– Alex

“Tom gave me the exercise boost I needed. My enthusiasm for exercise was dwindling so I decided to try personal training with Tom. Each week the training got harder but with Tom’s encouragement I was able to push myself to get through the programme. Tom is hardworking and focused at getting the best out of a person in order to get results.”

“I’ve been training with Tom on a weekly basis and the change in my body, stamina and overall fitness has been fantastic. At 47 and I’m fitter than I’ve been since my twenties! He trains with just the right amount of enthusiasm, almost pre-empts when I’m about to flag. I have a shoulder and neck issue and he has adapted my training to strengthen these areas, working to support the advice of my consultant and physio.”

tough muder

“I met Tom at exactly the right time. I was feeling my age (51), I was very overweight and very unfit. Before I started I was nervous about how the sessions would go, about how I would feel during the sessions (so out of breath I would feel sick??!!), would Tom be scary/shouty? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tom pitched those first sessions at exactly the right level for me and, perhaps more importantly for me, he was really calm, friendly and definitely not scary! I look forward to our sessions, Tom pushes me just enough for me to make steady progress but I don’t feel “harried” in any way. Tom is knowledgeable and empathetic. My weight is steadily going down and my fitness is steadily going up. I could not ask for better. I am looking forward to achieving even more with Tom’s help.”

“Thank you Tom for today’s “torture chamber”!!! Have to say I feel absolutely elated at the achievement. Came to you with much trepidation four month’s ago, never having trained before and approaching 70. Have to say I have enjoyed every minute of our training sessions, they always go too quickly, feel so much better overall and your motivation is inspiring. Wish everyone could share in the “TOM MAGIC”.”
Therese, Radcliffe on Trent

“I highly recommend Tom. I’ve been going to various gyms for years and never really thought I’d enjoy personal training or that it would make much difference. How wrong I was! Tom is engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and builds variety into a progressive schedule of training to deliver great results.”
Andy, Upper Saxondale

“I started working with Tom last summer, he found me whilst I was working hard training in my garage! He introduced himself and offered some advice and when I realised I had an expert within walking distance from my house I had to take him up on his free taster session. Since that very first session when we talked through my goals, for me it was never about weight loss but feeling more toned and losing inches to feel better in my clothes! Within weeks I went from one session a week to two – just because I loved the training variations on exercise, so I never got bored. Withing two months I lost so many inches everything in my wardrobe fitted again.

Tom is a professional in his field and not only does he challenge me, he supports and offers advice and when I wanted to go for a run (jog) he held my water and car keys and offered so much guidance that I ran further than I had ever before. I look forward to my sessions even though I know it is hard going – 45 minutes at a time. Twice a week = clothes fitting again, less tired and more motivated to do more exercise. A very happy customer.”
Tracey, Upper Saxondale

“In looking for a personal trainer I needed a good listener, help with setting clear objectives, recommendations for what I would need to do and someone who could keep me focused and motivated. Tom has met all these requirements. Tom has also shown great flexibility in matching the way I need to work and the timescales I had in mind. I have been working with Tom for several weeks now and I’m feeling the benefits of doing so. I am able to highly recommend Tom as a bright and dedicated personal trainer who is passionate about seeing those he works with achieve their full potential.”
Roger, Bingham

“Tom is really professional and listens to every individual’s requirements. I even introduced my 69 year old mother to his sessions and now she goes twice a week without fail. Highly recommended.”
Adam, Radcliffe On Trent

“Tom is not only a diligent motivational trainer, he’s also good company. He adapts every session to my ability and progression.”
Phil, Upper Saxondale

“Tom has been training me for the last three months and provided me with a work regime. I’m so happy with the results so far, as I have toned/built up my stamina. I highly recommend Tom’s assistance if you’re looking for great results.”
Dom, Upper Saxondale

“Tom is truly a great personal trainer. He has listened to what I have wanted to achieve and created programs, challenged and motivated me to reach my goals. His knowledge on sports and fitness is top notch and he also gives me very helpful advice on my diet. I am now well on my way to being where I want to be. Tom offers an incredibly professional service and I would recommend him to anyone.”
Zack, Bingham

“Through consistent feedback and positive encouragement, Tom has retrained my attitude to getting fit while I am retraining my body. In a short time, I have noticed the difference in my strength and fitness. The programs keep me motivated and shows that I am now starting to realise my goals.”
Marc, Upper Saxondale

“Tom is a brilliant PT. He is encouraging, supportive and patient. I like the way he is very clear in what we do and why we are doing it; how each exercise is working different muscle groups. All in all a great workout.”
Valerie, Bingham

“Tom kick started my passion for fitness and has helped me to build a long term dedication to keeping fit. He always motivates me to push myself and never makes working out seem like a chore, but something to enjoy and embrace. All of his fitness experience along with his nutrition knowledge is everything I needed from a personal trainer and he has the perfect attitude and personality. His teaching methods make it all easy to apply to my own life. I have really appreciated his help and I wouldn’t have come this far without him.”
Jack, West Bridgford

“I have been training with Tom for two months and I can already feel the difference. He is very enthusiastic and passionate and encouraging during the sessions so I really enjoy each one.”
Nicole, Nottingham

“Having just finished my first month with Tom, I would highly recommend one on one sessions with him. He creates a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, but still gives me the push I need to make that extra rep.”
Edward, East Bridgford

“I would just like to say what a professional approach to fitness and wellbeing. Tom adopts a strong approach to the mind and body, finding out and understanding yourself, your lifestyle, and your postural weakness. I incurred an injury in my shoulder last year and Tom got me back to full fitness, using specific exercises. I also lost my confidence running and Tom coached me using a great deal of mindset. I now run 8k a week with Tom and I can actually say I love it. My sessions are safe, fun and an inclusive approach to fitness. Tom is the best.”
Sarah, Upper Saxondale